Is Your AC Keeping Your Home Cool?

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Is Your AC Keeping Your Home Cool?

It has been a really hot summer in Lakewood Colorado, and Colorado in general. Fires are out of control from the unseasonably warm and dry winter, and now a super hot summer is on. This summer in Wheat Ridge, CO is your AC keeping your home cool? Read Lakewood Plumbing and Heating’s tips on if your AC is keeping your home cool.

Tips to determine if your AC is keeping your home cool

Water is leaking by the air conditioning unit

During normal operation, the system generates moisture in the form of condensate. That water collects in a pan and flows out a line either into a floor drain or condensate sump basin. An accumulation of water signals a blockage or disconnection of the tube.

Air is coming out of the registers but it is not cold

A possible issue is that the insulation may be damaged around the pipes, or even non-existent. The refrigerant lines may not be insulated as well. The outdoor unit is connected to the indoor system by two copper refrigerant lines, which should be covered with insulating sleeves. Make sure that they are. Also, the system may need its refrigerant re-charged.

The AC unit does not kick on

If the compressor fails, the unit won’t run. The only fix for this is a costly replacement of the equipment, which includes various small parts, new Freon, and labor. Your only solution may be a new air conditioner. 

Utility bills are unusually high

A spike in operating costs typically signals inefficient operation. After a dirty filter (warning sign #2), the most likely culprit is a choked condensing coil. Located within the outdoor unit, the coil has countless cooling fins — much like a car radiator — that can accumulate dust and debris. Call a pro out for a tune-up.

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