Everyone likes to save money in Lakewood, Colorado, yet many people are still content to pay their energy bill each month and never question whether it could be lower. Lowering your energy bill can be accomplished easily by improving the energy efficiency of your home. We’ve collected three ways you can improve energy efficiency in your home to help lower your utility bills

Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Home With These Tips

1.  Adjust the Temperature:  Even the smallest changes in temperature can greatly impact your home’s energy efficiency. Adjusting the thermostat to 68 degrees or lower during winter days, and 78 degrees or higher during the summer, can help you use less energy.

Natural sunlight can also have a big effect on your home’s energy efficiency. Open blinds and drapes to let the sunlight warm your home during the winter and close curtains to keep it out in the summer. Controlling the amount of sunlight coming in means your air conditioner or furnace won’t have to work as hard to make your home comfortable.

Finally, adjust the temperature on your water heater. A temperature of 120 degrees is adequate for most homes. This prevents accidental scalding and also slows the buildup of minerals in your water heater tank.

2.  Keep your HVAC system clean:  A little bit of dirt can cause major problems. Get in the habit of changing your air filters every 30 days. Keep your outdoor unit clean and free of leaves and debris.

3.  Retire old HVAC equipment:  Is your home’s heating or cooling equipment ten years or older? If so, it just might be time to replace your HVAC system. Purchase Energy Star-qualified products that are more energy efficient. Replace old equipment that uses Freon refrigerant (R22) with a system that utilizes Puron refrigerant (R410A), which is more energy efficient and environmentally sound.