Lakewood Plumbing & Heating has a few AC tips to keep you cool on hot summer days. It’s that time of the year where you get to see a lot of AC units for sale! If you already own a cooling system, take some time to check if it’s running smooth. Like all machines with a lot of moving parts, air conditioners need routine maintenance to prevent unexpected break downs.

If you’re counting on cool air from your A/C unit this summer, start giving it some attention as early as spring.

AC Tips to Keep Cool

✔ Schedule Preventative AC Maintenance

Set up a time for an HVAC technician to come out to your house and perform preventative maintenance before the busy summer season hits. Waiting too long could leave you stuck in a stifling house if the AC fails. Even if you have a ductless HVAC you can still get a ductless hvac service to come and make sure that it is ready for summer heat prevention.

Make sure to mark your appointment on the calendar! Having service techs come out when you’re not there could increase your air conditioning maintenance cost.

✔ Change or Clean Air Filters

Did you know that indoor air is two to three times more polluted than outdoor air? It’s pretty alarming, especially when you consider that 90 percent of the average American’s life is spent inside.

It’s the job of air filters to remove pollution from the air in your house. But sometimes these helpful devices need to be cleaned.

Cleaning or replacing your air filter every 30 days can cut the energy your air conditioning unit uses by up to 15 percent.

Remember to keep track of air filter cleanings or replacements as part of your home HVAC maintenance routine. Make sure you use the right filter for your needs however, otherwise your energy usage can actually go up. Typically, a home air conditioning unit will only need a filter with a maximum size rating of MERV 13, available at Filter King and other retailers. This is because a home appliance will have to work extra hard to push air through a filter rated any higher than that, so it pays to choose the right one.

✔ Check and Clear the Drainage Line

Humidity plays a big role in how hot you feel: 90 F heat can feel like 132 F at 100 percent humidity. The key to maximizing your AC system’s dehumidification capacity is keeping the drainage line cleaning.

Suction out debris with a shop vac. Pour a cup of bleach in the access opening to prevent mildew, mold or algae from building up. Learn more about “Preventing Mold in Your Home.”

Note when you’ve cleared the drainage line on your calendar.

✔ Clear Obstructions Around the Condenser Unit

Typically located outside, the condenser unit can get clogged with loose vegetation and debris. Clear it out at least two times each month, and be sure to mark them on your calendar to keep your HVAC preventative maintenance schedule up to date.

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