In Lakewood and the surrounding Denver Metro has crazy weather this time of year. One day it could be 80 and the next snowing. Like what we saw at the Colorado University graduation. One thing you can’t avoid is your air conditioning maintenance in. We will show you why by reading more.

Why Air Conditioning Maintenance is so Important to Your Systems Longevity

It is generally a good idea to consider doing some basic maintenance on your air conditioning and heating system at the beginning of every heating and cooling season.   This past winter’s “bomb cyclone” has been especially tough on outdoor equipment. These ultra-low negative temperature spikes, along with the extended times below freezing, can affect your home air conditioning system’s Spring startup and AC maintenance. But with a few checks and a little effort, you can help to ensure a trouble-free summer cooling season.

Spring HVAC Startup Checklist: Here are eight important things to check BEFORE switching the wall thermostat to cooling.

  1. Inspect the outdoor unit panels:
  2. Remove any condenser covers, coil blankets or lids
  3. Repair or replace any damaged pipe insulation
  4. Remove any debris from the outdoor coil
  5. Change the air filters
  6. Check the coil drainage hose
  7. Clean the supply vents and return grills
  8. Turn it on and make sure it works

A Spring AC Inspection May Be What Your AC Unit Needs

A spring AC inspection of your cooling system now could help keep your system running worry free through the heat of the summer and fall and is especially important for older systems.  While performing this general inspection, take note of the overall system health in order to assess the likelihood of a problem. If your system is old and has endured an unusually harsh season, it might be time to call for help.  A qualified technician can help you do a more thorough spring technical inspection to avoid a system failure in the hottest months of the year. The technician can also help address any concerns you have so let the contractor know what you found during your own spring inspection. Summer is just around the corner and no one knows your house better than you.  If air conditioning is a necessity, then be sure to get a professional’s opinion before time runs out.

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