Air Conditioning Tune-Up

An air conditioner has a filter that needs to be clean in order to work efficiently. It is recommended that your filter is changed about 4 times a year. An air conditioning tune-up is a preventative measure that includes checking the filter and other parts of the air conditioning unit to ensure that the AC unit is performing as smoothly as possible. The most common unit, a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit, needs proper maintenance in order to ensure optimal performance and the best comfort for everyone.

Air Conditioning Tune-Up

An Air Conditioning Tune-Up is a preventative measure that includes checking the filter and other parts of the air conditioning

What does an Air Conditioning Tune-Up Include?

The checklist for Air Conditioner Tune-Ups includes, but is not limited to:

  • Inspect coolant levels and pressure—to ensure your system runs at peak efficiency
  • Checking the thermostat(s) to ensure the optimal temperature is being provided.
  • Inspect and tighten wiring, contacts, capacitors and relays—to prevent extensive/costly damage to the unit
  • Ensure the evaporator coil is clean
  • Ensure the condensate drain is clear

Where can I go to get an Air Conditioning Tune-Up?

Certain companies provide packages that include employee maintenance and “at your door” service, allowing you to request maintenance and repairs all from within the comfort of your own home. Lakewood Plumbing and Heating based in Colorado is known as a reliable company in the community that can perform almost any HVAC tune-up, using their high-quality Carrier HVAC products and tools. Trusted companies like Lakewood Plumbing and Heating even offer other bonuses on energy consumption, like energy saving agreements to both reduce carbon emissions and help you save money on your utility bill.

Our technicians are continually involved in code and safety education. We make sure projects are done right the first time. Location is not a problem.

Our trucks and customers are all over the metro Denver area, foothills and Colorado mountain communities. (Click to view our service area >>)

What will this cost me?

Depending on the condition of your Air Conditioning unit, repairs and check-up costs may vary. However, with regular check-ups, repairs are much less likely to be needed and will end up costing less in the long run. In fact, routine maintenance can reduce the need for repairs by as much as 95% and save you on your energy bill by up to 30%, which is why the EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy encourage and recommend routine air conditioner check-ups.

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