Lakewood Plumbing is a proud authorized reseller and installer of American Standard Furnaces. When you’re looking for a high-quality, reliable furnace, American Standard is the right choice for your home.  Homeowners that have a Platinum 80 furnace on average can look to save 20% year compared to customers who have a 60 AFUE Unit.

Believe it or not, approximately two-thirds of the energy you use goes towards heating and cooling. Fortunately, an efficient American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning gas furnace can have a significant impact on your energy consumption, while also helping to lower your carbon footprint. (American Standard)

About American Standard Furnaces

American Standard Furnaces

Platinum 80 Furnace is one of Lakewood Plumbing and Heating’s favorite home furnace.

Platinum 80 Furnace Highlights

  • Automatically communicates and coordinates with your other system components via the AccuLink™ Communicating System*
  • Reduces temperature swings and may help lower your heating bills** with two-stage heating, running at an energy-saving 65-percent capacity more than 80 percent of the time
  • Converts up to 80 percent of the fuel you pay for into heat for your home
  • Simplified connection to the Comfort Control enables faster, easier installation that is less invasive to your home
  • Significantly surpasses government efficiency standards, helping you save on your energy bills while reducing greenhouse gas emissions**

Platinum Series Gas Furnace

It’s called the Platinum Series for a reason. With AccuLink™ capability, continuous Comfort-R™ mode and an array of other innovative features, this Series gives your home both a high level of comfort and a high level of efficiency.





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