Dunkirk: Helix VLT

Dunkirk: Helix VLT

Dunkirk_Helix_VLTDunkirk: Innovative – Efficient – Dependable

Dunkirk is proud to bring you the most efficient, forward-thinking home heating solutions available today.

High Efficiency Boiler: The Helix VLT is vertically mounted and has a self-cleaning design featuring wide, smooth waterways that help remove hard water deposits and prevent scaling.

The Dunkirk VLT features 95% AFUE, Plus:

  • Built-In Primary/Secondary Piping
  • Built-In Low Water Cut Of
  • 5:1 Turn Down Ratio
  • Approved for PVC, CPVC and Polypropylene venting
  • Innovative Heat Exchanger
  • Low Maintenance, Self-Cleaning
  • Designed in the US, for the US
  • 150 psi MAWP
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