Emergency Call Procedures

If you have an emergency, here’s what you can expect from Lakewood Plumbing.

During business Hours 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call: (303) 233-7007

Tell the dispatcher/operator it’s an emergency. He or she will contact a technician in the field. Either the dispatcher or the field technician will call you back, get any additional information and let you know when the technician can arrive at your home.

After business hours Call: (303) 233-7007

You will get an emergency answering system. Leave your name, phone number, address and a short message about your emergency. You will receive a call back within an hour from an on-call technician.
The technician will get all the necessary information and make the necessary arrangements to resolve your emergency. Customary overtime rates apply after normal business hours.

Please note:

Our goals are to return your after hours call within one hour and to arrive at your home within 4 hours of your call. We cannot guarantee these responses unconditionally. Weather, traffic and other unforeseen circumstances may prevent us from meeting those goals. Nevertheless, we will do everything possible to get to you and resolve your emergency as quickly as possible.