The summer season is winding down and many homeowners will begin using their air conditioning system less and less as the air turns cooler. If your air conditioner, water heater, and plumbing system have been performing well this summer, you may not be concerned about maintaining it or checking it for repair issues, but there are a few end of the summer AC tips to ensure your AC starts right up next spring.

Tips For End of Summer HVAC Maintenance

  • Close your shades and blinds during the day. This will help keep the sun’s heat from raising the temperature in your home. It will also help ease the load on your air conditioner and allow you to save energy while you’re not at home.
  • Use your ceiling fans more often. Transitioning to a season like fall is the perfect time to take advantage of energy-saving tips that remove a strain on your HVAC system. Typically, when you run your ceiling fan, you can turn your thermostat up 4 degrees without feeling a difference in temperature. If you don’t already have a ceiling fan, or yours is in need of repair, you might want to look into something like ceiling fan services from Home Team Electric to either get one installed or get your old fan working again.
  • Change your air filter. You should change it monthly anyway, however, it’s very important to do it after summer. Summer is one of the seasons that your air filter gets dirty the fastest. That’s because your HVAC is running almost non-stop so airborne particles are constantly getting trapped in the filter. This may cause greater damage in the future and might require contacting a professional service provider like Total System Services (for more info, visit the site). In order to prevent any such mishap, it is advisable to keep your systems up to date.
  • Clear debris from your outdoor condenser unit. If you haven’t checked it all summer, the right time is now. With all the wind storms and summer activities like mowing the lawn can cause all types of debris to build-up on your unit and restrict its airflow. Make sure to clear any visible debris away and consider cleaning the unit with a brush or vacuum. If you feel the debris has gotten deep into the device, call us or navigate to this website to contact an HVAC professional who can fix the issue.
  • Schedule preventive maintenance for your furnace. The end of summer and the beginning of fall is the perfect time to begin thinking about getting your annual furnace maintenance. This will ensure that your furnace is ready for winter and will prevent it from breaking down in the middle of the season.

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