On April 16, 2015, the Department of Energy (DOE) will make effective its new energy efficiency mandates, as part of the National Appliance and Energy Conservation Act (NAECA). This update will affect all household appliances manufactured for sale in the U.S., and Canada will soon follow in their implementation of similar energy efficiency upgrades. This new update was first announced in April 2010. Part of this efficiency standards update will require nearly all residential electric, oil, gas water heaters to carry higher Energy Factor (EF) ratings. The new rule does not preclude the installation of non-compliant products that are manufactured before April 16, 2015.

The mandates include:

  • energy efficient mandates for water heatersHigher priced units – up to 40% more expensive
  • Larger units – 2” taller and 2” wider, some units may be even larger (increase size may require some home remodeling)
  • More complicated installation requirements (which can add labor costs)


How will these mandates affect you?

We realize these new energy efficiency mandates puts homeowners in a difficult position to make a decision on whether to get a new water heater now to lock in lower pricing or wait to replace it. Because the higher costs involved with the changes, you may want to consider replacing your water heater if it is 8 years or older.  We recommend scheduling a free in-home consultation with one of our experts. We can evaluate you current water heater, what your needs are from your water heater and if your existing area will accommodate the larger units. Our experts will answer any questions you may have about the new regulations and provide you with options on the next steps.

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