Plumbing and Heating issues could come up at the most unexpected times. You may need to call several companies to get the services you need. This may include you to visit website for more details with whichever company you choose. In order to help you with such times, here are some heating & cooling frequently asked questions to save time:

Heating & Cooling Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are your rates?
    In order to get you the most accurate estimate, this is the part most efficiently figured out when discussed with our experts. You are more than welcome to pick up your phone and call (303) 233-7007 for emergency or fill out this form online so that we can give you a call.
  2. Do yo work on boilers?
    Yes, we do!
  3. Do you provide a senior discount?
    Yes, we offer 5% off service and products to our seniors.
  4. Do you have any availability for an appointment today?
    Yes, but it depends on the time of the day. If it’s an emergency, please call (303) 233-7007
  5. Are your techs licensed and certified?
    Yes. For more details about Lakewood Plumbing & Heating team, please click here >>

Trying to service or understand your HVAC system on your own can be hard, which is why the experts at Lakewood Plumbing & Heating receive a lot of questions. We’ve compiled a few frequently asked questions and their answers for you to learn more:

Q: How often should I service my HVAC system?

A: To keep your HVAC system running in tip-top shape, we recommend a maintenance appointment twice a year (once for heat, once for air conditioning). This way, a technician can check your filters, coils, wiring, housing, motor, and more to make sure you’re getting the most out of your system.

Q: What happens when I need a repair on a holiday or weekend?

A: Don’t worry! Whether your problem happens at three in the morning or on the 4th of July, our HVAC service experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get your system back up and running. Just call 303-233-7007

Q: What’s the warranty like on a new HVAC system?

A: Most of our HVAC systems come with a 10-year warranty, so you can enjoy your system for years to come. We also have great maintenance plans to help you lower your utility bills and extend the life of your equipment.

Q: Which HVAC System is right for my Home?

A: To answer that, you’ll need an appointment with one of our HVAC service experts. We’ll come to your home and evaluate its size, heating and cooling needs, environment, and the work we’ll need to do. Then, we can recommend the best system for you and install it quickly.

Q: What can I do to lower my energy bills?

A: There are plenty of things, such as:

  • Install a programmable thermostat so you don’t waste air conditioning or heat while you’re not at home.
  • Switch your incandescent light bulbs to more energy-efficient light bulbs like compact fluorescents (CFLs) or LEDs.
  • Install ceiling fans and, when you can, use them instead of your air conditioning to cool you down.
  • Unplug any appliance that you’re not using. While it may not be turned on, it will still use power from your electrical outlet.
  • Make sure your windows and doors are sealed properly so that they don’t let air in and make your HVAC system work harder.
  • Replacing or repairing an old air conditioner as newer models are often more energy efficient. Visit for more information on the types of air conditioning services you could use.

Q: How do I know if I need a new heater or air conditioner?

A: If your HVAC system requires constant repairs, is 15 years or older, or can’t heat or cool your home properly, we recommend you replace it. When an HVAC system ages, it doesn’t operate as efficiently and could actually end up costing you more money than it should.

Q: How do I choose a good HVAC service company?

A: When looking for the perfect company, ask your friends and family members for recommendations. Then, make sure the company has the proper license and insurance. After that, get a written estimate for the work they’re going to do (a good company should have no problem giving you a written estimate).

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