In Colorado, we are no stranger to low humidity. Low humidity can cause many different problems to your home and your family’s health and wellness. Increase your home’s humidity with a few Lakewood Plumbing and Heating’s tips to increase your home’s humidity. We know that for some of you, you are unable to use our services due to location, that is why researching your local area or going on websites like, can help you find the right one for your plumbing needs throughout the months.

Low Humidity Can Cause Health and Home Problems

Humidity can affect you and your families health. Not having enough humidity can cause respiratory issues, dry eyes, and dry skin problems. In Colorado, we know the effects of low humidity, as we go days on end with 0% humidity.

Skin can become very flaky in Colorado, as well as you probably experience very dry lips, and throat while you sleep. When your skin is very dry you may begin to experience eczema symptoms as well as very itchy skin. Many people refer to the itchy skin from low humidity as “The Winter Itch.” Your skin can also crack, more often around the knuckles, feet, and hands. This can be a way for pathogens and germs to enter your body, making you and your family more susceptible to the flu and other common viruses.

When there is low humidity respiratory issues can occur. One major issue that many Coloradans may face is the sense of having nasal congestion, especially when you wake. Studies have shown that low humidity can make you feel very stuffy.

Low humidity can also harm your home. It can cause static electricity, which we all know is no fun. Shocking your loved one, or your dog is always very scary. Low humidity can also cause your flooring to have issues and your furniture as well

Tips to Increase Your Home’s Humidity

whole-home humidifier

Install a whole-home humidifier today!

  1. The number one way to improve humidity in your home is to purchase a whole-home humidifier. Contact Lakewood Plumbing & Heating to install an American Standard Whole-Home Humidifier this holiday season! or call us at 303-233-7007.
  2. Make sure to replace your filter on your humidifier at least once a year. If you have a lot of dust, we recommend replacing the filter at least twice a year. If you replace your humidifier filter at the same time that you tune-up your furnace in the fall and tune-up your AC in the spring, you’ll be doing good!

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