Ductless air conditioning systems are becoming quite popular these days for a variety of reasons, especially in the Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Arvada & Golden Denver Metro area. Determining if an LG Ductless AC is right for your home takes more than online research. Before inviting an HVAC Technician out to your home, read Lakewood Plumbings quick guidelines about LG Ductless AC Units.

LG Ductless AC Units are also known as mini-splits, these systems provide cooling capabilities without the many problems associated with ducted setups. Using a ductless system, homeowners can better regulate the temperature from room to room, while reducing energy loss typical with inefficient duct work.

The following information can serve as a guide for those interested in installing mini-splits in their homes. This includes the main components of such systems, how mini-splits typically operate, and the numerous benefits afforded by taking ductwork out of the equation. In addition to home use, these systems also have a wide range of business applications. This is especially pertinent for businesses seeking more environmentally-friendly methods of cooling a structure.

LG Inverter Mini-Split

How Mini-Split Systems Work

Whether used for heating or cooling purposes, all mini-split AC systems are comprised of outdoor and indoor apparatus. The outdoor condensing/compression unit applies pressure to a refrigerant, which is then dispersed through lines that are connected to indoor apparatus. This indoor unit consists of three elements, including air-handlers, blowers, and the evaporator coil. Indoor air-handling units are placed strategically throughout a home, which allows for more efficient energy usage.

Air-handling units can be placed in a number of areas within the home, including both walls and ceilings. This can be beneficial for a number of situations, as necessary equipment can be placed in out of the way locations. Additionally, by placing the condensing unit outside, homeowners won’t be bothered by operation noise typically associated with air conditioners. Homes with boilers for heating units are the best candidates for Ductless air conditioning.

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