Is your AC not blowing cool air in Lakewood, Colorado? As summer is now in full swing, you want to make sure your AC is blowing cool air all day and maintains proper temperature throughout the day. There are many reasons why your air conditioner is not blowing cool air. Read more from Lakewood Plumbing & Heating to ensure your AC blows cool air.

Top Reasons Why Your AC Is Not Blowing Cool Air

  1. Air Flow: An air conditioner needs proper airflow in and around the exterior system to the interior system. If you see that you frozen pipes leading into your AC unit, airflow is more than likely the culprit. For peace of mind, you might want to get an expert to take a look at it. As a result, a website like might be of use to you. However, a couple of quick hints to get your AC blowing cool air again are to first make sure there is nothing outside your ac unit blocking airflow. Remove dirt and debris on and around the unit. Secondly, turn off the unit for 24 hours and turn on the fan only. The fan will allow air to circulate from the outside in.
  2. Check The Filter: If your filter is clogged and dirty, replace it immediately. Wait 24 hours and turn back on your AC. Within the next 24 hours, put a piece of toilet paper over one of your vents and see if it blows around. If the paper does move around then you more than likely have good airflow. If not, then it’s time to check out a professional AC repair and maintenance service online, and have them come by for an inspection at the earliest. Additionally, you could also check if there is any ice formation in the exterior unit, as that could be another reason behind AC malfunctions.
  3. Know When To Call an Air Conditioning Pro: It may be time to call an AC repair contractor You can trust Lakewood Plumbing and Heating for all your cooling needs this summer.

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