Here in Colorado, the last month hasn’t really felt like winter. But as we saw this week, temperatures plummeted. We may have had to kickstart our heaters to get our homes nice and warm again. Did you notice any problems with your heater? We sometimes forget, living in Denver that even though last week it was in the high 60’s and this week it’s in the teens.

Some Issues You May See With Your Heater

We’ve put together a list of the most common problems that we see with heaters. These problems are ones that we look for initially, and if we don’t find a problem with any of these things, we’ll start looking into more complex issues.

Dirty Filters

This is such an easy problem to fix, but too many people let their filters get disgustingly dirty before they make any attempt to replace them. Dirty filters make it very hard for your heating system to pull air in and push it through your home. You will end up replacing your heating system much too early if you continue to strain it this way.

Taking good care of your heating system means replacing the filters often. You may need to change them once just before winter, or, if you run your system a lot, you may need to replace them more often.

Normal Wear

It’s a fact of life that moving parts will wear down over time. Even if you take perfect care of your heating system, it will begin to need minor repairs after several years. Belts, bearings, and motors can tear up, causing the system to overheat or for you to lose heating control within your home.

Generally, these are not hard issues to fix. Your heating repair company will simply replace the broken parts. But a really good company will still do a follow-up evaluation to make sure that the damage was limited to the part they replaced.

Ignition Control Malfunctions

The ignition control within your furnace is responsible for igniting the burners inside your heating unit. If there are issues with the ignition control, the entire system could be confused about what it’s supposed to be doing.

Your system either has a hot surface ignition or an intermittent pilot system. Both are electronically controlled, so the problem could be coming from inadequate electrical connections on the way in or bad signals being sent back out. Both are fairly easy for a professional to repair.

Thermostat Issues

Thermostat issues can be isolated, or they can be connected to some other problem. Often, you may think you have a thermostat problem when it’s actually coming from somewhere else.

It’s possible to recalibrate your thermostat yourself. This fixes many thermostat problems and is worth trying before you call out a professional heating repair person. If your thermostat doesn’t respond to recalibration, there may be another issue or your thermostat may need to be replaced.


Leaks can be dangerous and downright deadly. Don’t stay in a home where you think there may be a gas or carbon monoxide leak! Get out and then call 911 to alert the authorities of a possible hazard.

You should have your heater tested for leaks each fall before you ever turn the system on Lakewood Plumbing & Heating has special testing equipment that can identify harmful gasses in the atmosphere, even if they are odorless and colorless. The company can then repair the leak and have your system back to normal in no time.