In Lakewood, Colorado AC repair can be very costly. A little AC maintenance can go a long way in reducing your air conditioning repair costs. In Golden, Colorado springtime is, in essence, a time of dramatic weather changes. The changes between your AC and furnace can really put a toll on your home comfort system. Follow Lakewood Plumbing & Heating’s AC Maintenance tips and avoid damage to your AC and furnace.

3 Quick AC Maintenance Tips

Research has shown that regular maintenance of your HVAC system can reduce your energy bills substantially. With regular tune-ups, your system can operate more efficiently and won’t have to work as hard to keep you comfortable. This can vastly reduce your energy costs. Not only will preventative maintenance ensure your system is operating at maximum efficiency but it will also increase your equipment’s longevity. You can extend years onto the life of your HVAC system by simply inspecting it once a year as well as performing Lakewood Plumbing & Heating’s AC maintenance Tips.

  1.  Perform Regular Tune-ups: An air conditioning tune-up can vastly improve the longevity of your AC unit. AC tune-up in Golden and Lakewood start at $129. Your HVAC technician will perform a few key AC maintenance on your home comfort unit. These include
    1. Check refrigerant levels, gas connections, and air filters for damage or leaks.
    2. Tighten electrical connections
    3. Clean condenser coils
    4. Lubricate all moving parts
    5. Check thermostats to ensure performance
  2. Change Your Filters: Filters should be changed every 30 days:  Remember, filters may need more frequent attention if your air conditioner is in constant use, is subject to dusty conditions, or you have pets in the house.
  3. Clean Around the Unit: In Colorado towns like Lakewood and Golden, the wind can really kick up a lot of dust and debris, and when you have an AC system sitting outside in the elements, your AC unit is bound to get really dirty. A good time to clean your AC unit is when you are pulling weeds. Keeping your air conditioner clear of debris may just avoid an AC breakdown.

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