Aerocool_Pro_SeriesAerocool® Pro Series™ High Efficiency Evaporative Coolers Provide Efficient Cooling With Minimal Maintenance.

Aerocool® Pro Series™ High Efficiency Evaporative Coolers are made with a metal build and PELBAR XT™ powder coat finish for lasting durability. Flomate water distribution system ensures efficient wet-out, and the Pro-Clean system automatically drains and washes cooling units daily to prevent scale buildup. Mirroscopic™ blower shaft provides quiet operation and a long bearing and shaft life. Pro-shield weatherizing panel keeps cold air from entering through the unit during cooler months. Coolers feature belt drive and factory-installed wired motors. Operates at 2 speeds. Each cooler holds up to 4-1/2 gallons of water. Coolers operate at 115V and are available with 3/4 HP or 1 HP. Evaporative coolers are available in Side Draft and Down Draft models.

All Pro Series™ Evaporative Coolers Feature:

  • High Efficiency long life rigid type pad material providing superior performance
  • PEBLAR XT™ – an outdoor architectural type powder coat finish
  • PLASTIC lined wet section
  • FLO-MATE water distribution system
  • MIRROSCOPIC™ polished blower shaft finish
  • PRO-SHIELD winterizing protection panelHigh