Although it may not feel like summer is coming anytime soon, we all know in Colorado that summer will hit us quick and hot. Lower your ac costs with our quick tips.

4 Ways to Lower Your AC Costs This Summer

Run your AC more economically. “Setting your AC as high as is comfortably possible and using a programmable thermostat to increase the temperature when you’re out, or asleep, could easily decrease your summer cooling bill by 10%,” says Christina Kielich, spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Energy. Remember: The smaller the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures throughout the summer season, the less you’ll spend. Set your AC’s thermostat to 78ºF instead of 72ºF (if you don’t mind some heat) and you could lop as much as 18% off your summer cooling costs. Coming into a hothouse? Turning the AC to a colder-than-normal setting won’t cool rooms any faster. “You’ll probably forget you turned it down in the first place, resulting in pointless spending,” adds Kielich.

Keep Up With Maintenance Tasks.  Help your air conditioner run at peak efficiency by keeping up with regular maintenance. Simple DIY maintenance includes cleaning or changing the air filter monthly, moving any furniture or drapes blocking your air ducts, and clearing space around the outdoor compressor unit.

To keep your air conditioner in top condition, schedule a seasonal HVAC maintenance visit. A technician can service parts that you can’t reach and can help you prevent costly system breakdowns. Lakewood Plumbing and Heating makes upkeep simple; our maintenance plans are designed to keep your air conditioner in top condition.

Upgrade to Zoned Air Conditioning.  Ductless mini-split systems are ideal for homeowners looking to cool certain rooms of the home. By cooling only the rooms you use, instead of your entire house, you can save money on your monthly energy bills.

A mini-split system targets specific zones, such as bedrooms or living rooms. This system is affordable, efficient, and simple to install. In fact, most installations are unobtrusive and take less than a day.

Use a Programmable Thermostat.  Few homeowners enjoy coming home to a sweltering house, so it’s tempting to run the air conditioner all day. However, cooling an empty house all day isn’t the only way to beat the heat. Programmable thermostats let you adjust the temperature of your home depending on the time of day.

Keep your house comfortable and save money by setting the temperature to a higher setting while you’re away, then cooling it down shortly before you return home. Contact Lakewood Plumbing and heating to discover how a programmable thermostat can save you money.

Ideally, you should check your HVAC system bi-annually, once in the spring and again in the fall. This way you can ensure your air conditioning or central air is working before the summer and your furnace heating is working before winter. 

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