Have you ever heard a plumber tell you, you have a backflow problem? There are few tall tale signs that you have a backflow issue in your home.

What is Backflow?

Backflow is the term we use to describe when water reverses flow in its plumbing pipes. Your plumbing system is only designed for water to move in one direction, but if there’s a sudden change in pressure inside the pipes, it can cause the water to flow the wrong way.

If a backflow occurs, it can pose a significant health and safety risk. This is because dirty wastewater from bathing and toileting can contaminate your clean drinking water, causing any number of illnesses—some of which are severe enough to kill you!

Thankfully, almost all homes are fitted with backflow prevention devices to protect against water contamination.

What Are the Signs of a Backflow Problem?

The sewer system in your home is designed with an “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy. You aren’t supposed to have to deal with your actual sewer system at all, just send waste for disposal. So if you ever do find yourself being affected by your sewer system, chances are that something is very wrong.

Have a look at some of the signs that your sewer is in need of professional attention. The sooner you can recognize that your sewer system has a problem, the faster you can get it repaired.

Bad Smells

If you have bad smells coming up through your drains, especially multiple drains, it’s usually a sign of a problem with your vent system. Your home is designed with a sewer gas vent, likely on the roof, to give the gas a way to escape the building. If the vent becomes blocked, though, it forces the gas back into the home. From there, the only place the gas can go is through your drains and into your home. So if you think you may have sewer gas trapped in your home, call a professional right away.


Backflow is when sewer water travels backward through the system and up into your home. The wastewater contaminates the pipes meant to be used for clean water, making it necessary to clean out the whole pipe network. Most homes are equipped with backflow prevention devices by law, which protects against backflow. If the one-way valve in the device becomes stuck, though, backflow can still occur. If you’re experiencing backflow, call a professional right away. You’re going to need your entire plumbing network sanitized, to be safe.

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