As a heating and cooling company we get a lot of very good questions from our customers about their furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters and you name it! One question we get repeatedly that I would like to address is: “Do I really need to have a heating and cooling system maintained or a furnace tune-up?

Why Should I have a Furnace Tune-up?

I (like most people) would like to think about my heating system as little as humanly possible – especially when it comes to preventative maintenance! In the past, maintaining my furnace has ranked very low on my “important things to do list”, but recently I have learned that putting off maintenance is not a good idea! I now realize that if I really want to think about my heating and cooling system as little as possible, then I need to keep it cleaned and maintained. Here is some of the information I have learned about maintenance that has rearranged my to do list, and helped me sleep a bit easier at night.

The truth is, if you really want to think about your furnace as little as possible then preventative maintenance, by way of a fall tune-up or a PMA (Planned Maintenance Agreement) with a reputable HVAC professional, is the only way to go!
Here’s a thought: What if I told you I that I have 50,000 miles on my brand new car and have NEVER taken it to get the oil changed? You’d probably say, “Well say good-bye to your new car, because it won’t last for long without an oil change”.

Conclusion: You would be right!
The reason I have given you this scenario is because most HVAC professionals would equate preventative maintenance for your heating and cooling system to be equally as important as regular oil changes for your vehicle! Much like your vehicle, your heating and cooing system is a mechanical system with moving parts and pieces that need to be cleaned, inspected and adjusted. Sure, you don’t have spark plugs in your furnace like you do your vehicle, but you do have things like: valves, pumps, motors, belts etc… Just like your vehicle, all of these parts and pieces will wear out with use and age!

So, what exactly are you paying for when it comes to a tune-up or maintenance visit for your furnace?

Here is a general list of things your HVAC professional is expected to do during a tune-up or fall maintenance.

1. Check furnace or boiler for the presence of CO at the time the check is performed
2. Check combustion chamber/heat exchanger condition
3. Check burner flame for proper characteristics including gas and air adjustment; clean burner, as necessary
4. Check pilot/igniter operation; clean pilot as necessary
5. Check motors, oil as needed (oil pump if boiler); check belts
6. Check condition of vent pipe to chimney and draft intensity
7. Remove dust and scale from the burner compartment and other key parts as needed
8. Check flame sensor or pilot safety timing and replace thermocouple, as necessary
9. Check condition of blower wheel

10. Check furnace filters
11. Restart furnace or boiler

***Some additional fees may apply for cleaning of componets****

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